This weeks games

Round 7 - 28th May

PHOS v Old Ignatians

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This weeks C grade game 

Henley v PHOS 

(away 10:15am)

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This weeks u/18 grade game


(Sunday home @ 2pm)

Congratulations to

Steve "Hot Dogs" Williams 

200 Senior Games

A Grade


PHOS Camden        6.2-38    7.5-47      9.7-61    11.11-77

Old Ignatians         3.2-20     8.5-53   10.7-67  13.10-88



Goal Kickers: S. Williams 5, N. Ramsey 2, O. Cross, M. Ruwoldt, J. Whitford, S. Williams
Best Players: M. Ruwoldt, S. Williams , H. Young, N. Ramsey, C. Beard, O. Cross


Goal Kickers: C. Ortlepp 4, D. Mcneil 2, W. Abbott 2, S. Cooke, L. Washer, G. Gallman, D. Fitzgerald, L. Sandland
Best Players: C. Ortlepp, D. Boyd, N. Dawes, M. Christopherson, W. Abbott

Quinnys A Grade Match report


Saturday saw us go down narrowly to Old Iggies, our sparring partner from season 2015. The game see sawed in the first half and then tightened up in the second with both teams having a share of the lead and unfortunately it was them who prevailed.  


Although disappointed we lost, I can't question the effort or commitment to the contest. We simply made to many mistakes. Key personnel are missing from the side but blokes really stood up, none more than Josh Green with a good performance at full back on a very good player. Losing Jarrad Braley at the 2 minute mark did not help the cause but the young backline did a great job. 


Sam Williams was in really good form with 5 goals and our second best with Marc Ruwoldt our best player and Nick Ramsey and Harry Young not far behind. Casey Beard played a terrific role for us and all players had good moments. 


Congratulations to Steve Williams on 200 club games, a great  achievement and we will try to make game 201 a win. 


Thanks, Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden      2.3-15    4.4-28     6.6-42       7.7-49

Old Ignatians         1.2-8      5.3-33    9.6-60    11.8-74


Goal Kickers: M. Parslow 2, S. McGill, L. McDonald, J. Resnais, N. Walters, B. Eddy
Best Players: B. Eddy, N. Walters, B. Jolly, J. Cadzow, S. Webster


Goal Kickers: J. Jurisevic 3, J. Cini 2, J. Connell, K. Toohey, P. Pirone, K. Reynolds, G. Turner, C. Eddington
Best Players: K. Reynolds, M. Stevenson, S. Whittleston, P. Pirone, J. Jurisevic

Craigs B Grade Match Report

This week was a chance to reacquaint ourselves with Old Ignatians who were keen to break their duck against us and they certainly turned up on Saturday ready to play. Our boys played good footy and it was pretty tight for most of the game but unfortunately a lack of discipline on occasions and our turnovers brought us undone that directly resulted in five opposition goals which, when you lose by 25 points, can be a telling statistic. Other than about 15 minutes of footy it was a very even game with both sides applying plenty of pressure with their tackling and quick ball movement.

We had a few goal kickers again this week with Matty Parslow being dangerous up forward and plenty of players with singles including Sam McGill, Lachy McDonald, Jake Resnais, Nick Walters and Brent Eddy all with one each.

We tried Brent Eddy in the middle this week which proved the right decision as his tackling pressure and ability to set us up around the pack was great in his best on ground while Nick Walters showed us his running and marking power up forward and on the wing. We gave a job to Brett Jolly who is fast becoming a very reliable player and is improving every game, shutting his man down and getting plenty of the ball himself while James Cadzow shut down one of their big forwards and our youngest player, Sam Webster had his best senior game for the club working hard and making good decisions on his wing against a quality opponent.

We need to learn from this loss as it was a very winnable game that slipped away from us, so this week we reflect, reset and prepare for Portland.




Craig B.

C Grade

Henley                        0.3-3    1.3-9    7.5-47     9.5-59

PHOS Camden          1.2-8   3.4-22   4.4-28    7.4-46



Goal Kickers: T. Pitman 4, D. Wilksch 3, M. Pierson, H. Egel
Best Players: P. Nyland, L. Sheffield, T. Pitman, T. Rosewall, M. Clegg


Goal Kickers: N. Iordanou 3, D. Krieg 2, H. Flentje, N. Watts
Best Players: T. Unger, H. Flentje, B. Pollard, N. Watts, D. Marriott


PHOS Camden           4.10-34

Sacred Heart OC     13.10-88


Goal Kickers: A. Martin 2, L. Harvey, J. Bayliss
Best Players: S. Webster, T. Unger, D. Grant, B. Cheung, B. Booth


Goal Kickers: T. McMAHON 3, L. Mill 2, T. Reynolds, C. Vinall, H. Lambert, J. Uren, W. Craig, T. O''Malley, H. Cock, H. McKay
Best Players: H. Cock, H. Lambert, C. Gibbie, T. McMAHON, B. Woodward

Darrens u/18 Match Report

Tough day in he office ....
Boys looked a little tied today although if we had of kicked 6.1 instead of 1.6 in the first Qtr might of been a bit different.

Can't thank you guys enough for making the effort to play today and don't be too disappointed ... There not that good we just played Bad

We need to balance school and Club Football but other clubs are doing it and so can we... Remember we had 1-4 league Medalists last year playing two games on a weekend

We have Rosewater next week so let's put a team together and consolidate 4 position and wait to play our best football at the pointy end of the season

Fire up Phantoms

St Ignatians info


Finished 2nd last year in Div 3 losing to us in the Grand Final by 28 points. During the year round 8 we won by 18 points & round 17 we won by 6 points.


Old Iggies are have started the year really well currently in 2nd spot with 5 wins (Scotch by 72, SMOSH by 54, SPOC by 60, SHOC by 2 & Portland by 75 ) & 1 loss to top team Modbury by 32 points. 



Quinny pregame


Tomorrow we have Old Iggies coming to PHOS to continue our friendly rivalry from last year. We showed a lot of improvement last week and I know the lads are keen to keep seeking the improvement. 

Ins are Harry Walters for his first game of the year with Mike Papatolis returning to the side after some good form in the two's. 

I'd like to wish Big Steve Williams (Dogs) all the best in his 200 games for PHOS. What a great achievement these days. Steve is a true clubman and gives his all. He is a very very good player who is still learning his ability after 200 games. Your family who are a very big part of the club will be very proud of you. 

All the best to Popey and the C's and Craig's B's who are playing really good footy. 

See you Satdy, Quinny


Craig pregame

Massive game this week, Old Ignatians will be hell bent on revenge after last year and we are keen to keep our record against them intact!! We will definitely need to be at our best and I know that the players that take the field this week will be prepared to do everything they can to walk off with a win.

Jake Grosser comes back for his first B Grade game in over 18 months and after playing most of this season with Popey, is a handy inclusion on the wing. Simon Brozel is back from a stint on the sidelines and adds plenty of pace to our side while Josh James comes in and bolsters our backline adding some bite in a back pocket.

This will be a tense battle and 100% intensity and effort will be required to get the win which is something that has been made clear to the players on the track this week.

Good luck to all other grades in a big weekend for the club, let’s bring home 4 wins!!
Craig B.




2015 Round  7  
















Round 7

Away game vs Mitcham

Time for Redemption





Mitcham                 1.3-9       3.4-22           4.8-32          4.9-33

PHOS Camden     8.5-53    15.8-98    25.10-160    28.17-185




Goal Kickers: R. Boers , B. Geytenbeek , D. Litster , D. Bradshaw 
Best Players: , S. Wyld , B. Geytenbeek , S. Clark , D. Hardy , J. Aldridge



Goal Kickers: A. Smyth 7, M. Jacquier 6, T. Quinn 3, L. May 3, A. Bergsma 2, S. Williams 2, R. Bartlett , K. Evans , D. Hill , N. Ramsey , H. Gordon 
Best Players: , H. Gordon , S. Williams , B. Van Gils , R. Bartlett , K. Evans


Quinnys Postgame


I don't have a lot to say re Saturday. I was really impressed with the way we went about our business and took on the learning points from last week and really improved in the areas we needed to! We had a large amount of goal kickers with Smythy kicking 7, Matt Jac 6 in not quite 3 quarters of footy. Tom Quinn played a strong game at full forward to finish with 3 along with Maysie, 3 also. 


Best players, well there was a team of them. Our backline was again very very good with Ryan Reavley and Brent Van Gils featuring in our best 6. Orry Cross put in a first class performance in the ruck with great support from Steve Williams. Kris Evans was superb with his aggression and drive from the middle along with goal of the day! Smythy and Jac very good as well. Harry Walters showed enough to suggest he's an A grader but our best player was young Hamish Gordon, courageous and hard and well skilled to match it! 


Well done to the lads for putting up with and dealing with rubbish tactics! No matter where you are on the ladder, no matter what your up against I believe you always seek improvement from your group! Football toughness is not about pushing blokes and crap! It's about putting your head over the footy for your mate as he does for you! 


Well done to Craig and Popey and the lads. 3 wins is great for the club! 


This week it's Old Iggies! Looking forward to it! 


Quinnys Pregame


Tomorrow we travel to Mitcham in what should be an interesting and hard fought contest. No doubt they will be looking for a win and I'm sure we will be looking to put some things we've tightened up into practice. Result aside and have no doubt we are hunting a win but we want to be better in a few areas so that’s the big indicator for tomorrow from the group. 


Going out of the side are Tom Finn who has played some very good footy for the A grade and will again when he's ready and Harry Young who has been very good and simply goes back to get the maximum amount of footy this Saturday. 


Coming in are Glen Soper who returns after injury and a solid game in the 2's last week. Great work Glen with your rehab and all the best. Coming in for his first game is Harry Walters, a young player we recruited last year whilst Harry played at the Bays U/18's. As it worked out we couldn't get Harry into the side last year due to Bay commitments so to have Harry this year full time is a big bonus. After a belated start due to Uni backed up by some very good 2's form Harry's in! A skilful and tough smaller midfielder, Harry goes well, all the best! 


Well done to Brent Eddy. 100 games at any club is a great achievement and Brent typifies the spirit of the playing group! 


All the best to Craig and the two's and Popey and the C's. 


Also, please support the Gold Fish Races! I've had a fish in training for 3 months now! Recently had a jump out trial and looks good. See you there Frase (the junior who fleeced us all last year and won)! #REDEMPTION


See you Saturday! 


Web Pregame


Coming off our first loss for the season boys will be very keen to make amends.


Round 7: we come up against the Mitcham Hawks. The seniors havent played Mitcham for many years, but the juniors have a massive rivalry and a win over Mitcham is always enjoyed.


The 2014 Hawks team finished in 8th position with 6 wins 12 losses missing out in the finals.


This year the team is in 8th position with 1 win against Seaton and 4 losses to Old Iggies (106), Plympton (59), and last week stitched up by Golden Grove by 15 goals. Fair to say there struggling.



(Ins): G. Soper, H. Walters

(Outs) : T. Finn, H. Young


Mitcham in the B's are 7th, but match there A grade in wins & losses against the same sides.


C's take on Woodville South @ home 10 @ 2:15pm..the Cats are struggling in 11th position with no wins so we expect another demolition job by Popeys boys who are flying undefeated top of the ladder.


Go Phantoms


PHOS CAMDEN B grade results


Mitcham                      0.1-1        0.2-2          0.2-2            1.3-9

PHOS Camden           3.4-22    8.7-55     8.14-62      10.21-81




Goal Kickers: K. Meaden 
Best Players: , C. Rosewall , N. Msapenda , M. Pitt , S. Duykers , S. Furniss



Goal Kickers: S. McGill 2, M. Papatolis 2, J. Marton 2, B. Cameron , A. Flett , J. Cadzow , H. Young 
Best Players: , B. Cameron , J. Marton , L. McDonald , B. Eddy , H. Young


Craigs B Grade Postgame


It was good to get away with the win last Saturday but it certainly was a hard slog and we definitely won ugly!


The game was played in two halves as we focussed on getting off to a fast start which is something we hadn’t done for most of the year. Our ball movement was good, linking up well and running hard but we probably didn’t make the most of our opportunities in front of goals, kicking 8-7 up until half time but still in control of the game.


Our third quarter got pretty sloppy as Mitcham decided to crowd the game up and not allow us to move the ball as well as we did in the first half creating a lot of pressure in our forward line which resulted in us kicking only 7 points for the quarter.


Our last quarter was a lot better but we still put ourselves under pressure by not helping each other out around the ground and not rewarding our hard work around the ball by kicking 2-7 and playing indirect footy.


Once again our defence worked well, moving the ball quickly and with precision while holding Mitcham to only one goal all game and that came very late in the last quarter.


Billy Cameron had his best game for the year running rampant on his wing while Josh Marton worked well around the ground and kicked a couple of goals (and a few points!). Lachlan McDonald owned his wing and got himself into dangerous positions with his ability to work hard and make space while Harry Young came back from the A’s and gave us some bite around the packs and up forward. Brent Eddy had a good 100th game playing on his back flank and made good decisions coming out of defence, hitting up his targets and working over his opponent.


It wasn’t a pretty game and became frustrating to watch at times, but the pleasing thing is we got the job done and came away with a convincing win.


We now prepare to take on Old Ignatians who sit on top of the ladder undefeated. It’s a big challenge, but if we work hard I know we are up to it!


Great work to Popey and the C Grade on another dominant win and well done again to the A’s for their winning performance under trying circumstances, great discipline!



Craigs B Grade Pregame


After good wins in the last couple of weeks we must keep our winning form going against Mitcham this Saturday who will be keen to knock us off on their home deck.


Our focus again must be on playing the team game and doing the “one percenters” that have been highlighted recently as well as working hard for each other and making the most of our opportunities. These attributes are what have got us the wins against tough opponents and must be rolled out again at Mitcham.


The side has been bolstered this week with Tom “TJ” Finn and Harry Young both back from the A Grade both knowing what they have to do while Pat Hamden plays his first B Grade game for the year and I believe his first for 18 months after injury kept him out of football last year.


Congratulations go out to Brent Eddy who plays his 100th game this week. Brent has shown great form this year and is leading by example, so let’s get the win to celebrate his milestone!


Good luck to the A’s to get back on track and to the C Grade this week to keep Popey’s unbeaten record intact.





C grade results


PHOS Camden       3.9-27    8.18-66   16.23-119    24.26-170

Woodville South         0.0             0.0            0.1-1            1.2-8



Goal Kickers: T. Garnaut 4, D. James 4, J. Butler 4, C. Bensch 3,

B. Toohey 3, D. Kreig 2, C. Gilby , J. Whitford , L. Dawson , B. Carracher 

Best Players: , B. Toohey , C. Harms , O. Stagg , T. Garnaut , C. Bensch , D. James





Harry Walters in the middle for his 1st A grade win

100 Senior Games

Well done Eddy!

Round 7 A Squad

2:15pm Price Memorial Oval (Mitcham)


24 R. Bartlett

20 A. Bergsma

50 O. Cross

4 K. Evans

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

17 D. Hill

18 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

26 W. Papatolis

38 T. Quinn

3 N. Ramsey

5 R. Reavley

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

19 G. Soper

34 B. Van Gils

23 H. Walters

11 S. Williams

12 S. Williams

Round 7 B Squad

12:15pm Price Memorial Oval (Mitcham) 



51 M. Bate

27 J. Braley

46 J. Cadzow

28 B. Cameron

13 T. Christie-Ling

40 B. Eddy

1 T. Finn

41 A. Flett

10 P. Hamden

31 J. Koutsikas

45 J. Marton

33 L. McDonald

49 S. McGill

35 M. Molnar

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

43 A. Simpson

6 S. Willcocks

14 H. Young


Round 7 C Squad

2:15pm Park 10 Camden Oval (Jungle)


9 C. Bensch

M. Blight

2 J. Butler

B. Carracher

17 L. Dawson

21 H. Flentje

5 T. Garnaut

D. Georgeson

19 L. Gerschwitz

C. Gilby

C. Harms

D. James

12 D. Kreig

S. Leatch

M. Polkinghorne

15 A. Robb

T. Sekay

S. Sheridan

4 O. Stagg

L. Steyn

S. Taylor

B. Toohey

J. Whitford


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