This weeks games

Round 8 - 4th June

PHOS v Portland

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This weeks C grade game 


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This weeks u/18 grade game

PHOS v Rosewater

(Sunday home @ 3pm)

Congratulations to

Aaron Bergsma – 150 Games, Curtis Harms – 50 Games, Orry Cross – 50 Games

A Grade

PHOS Camden    4.4-28    9.5-59   14.9-93    19.15-129

Portland              3.1-19     5.4-34    5.8-38        9.9-63



Goal Kickers: A. Bergsma 6, S. Williams 3, A. Smyth 2, M. Molnar 2, H. Gordon 2, N. Ramsey 2, S. Williams, O. Cross
Best Players: N. Ramsey, A. Bergsma, C. Beard, P. Hamden, H. Young


Goal Kickers: T. Milera 3, B. Prior 2, A. Carlile 2, A. Bradley, R. Hamilton
Best Players: A. Bradley, D. Cranwell, R. Wilson, J. Moody, M. Rowe


Quinnys Report


Over the past few weeks the boys have worked really hard to correct some aspects of our game and Saturday although not perfect it was a really good effort from all players. We are starting to see real consistency from players like Luke May, Hamish Gordon, Mitch Molnar and Paddy Hamden to name a few. 


We have asked a lot of the players over the pre season and if we continue to "stay the path" the rewards will come. Div 2 is a very open competition and you will only need to hit finals with a tight list and playing good footy and you can go deep. 


To Saturdays game and we put a good four quarter effort in. We had a good contribution from all players and full credit to Kouta, Harry Walters and Curtis Harms who gave us great impact from the bench and says a lot about them as team players. 


By half time we had bumped out to a four goal lead. The acid was put on Steve Williams to give us a bigger impact and he responded really well. Our midfield who were really good early continued to win the footy and our directness at goal was assisting a busy forward line with Sam Williams looking dangerous. 


In the end Aaron Bergsma kicked 6 and other goals were spread. 


Best players were Nick Ramsey our best player in a silky display with Bergs, Ruwy and Orry not far behind. Casey Beard played a great team game for us from forward to back Brent Eddy played maybe his best A grade game. Adam Smyth was terrific in the numerous roles we gave him. So signs are good. 


Well done to Craig and the Two's a really good performance and go into the bye pretty happy with their start. 


We come back to Shocs after the bye. Info is they are the best side getting around. We want the lads to put in a couple of good training sessions and then switch off from footy for the weekend. Freshen up and then push for a big back half of the year. 


Congratulations to Aaron Bergsma on  his 150th. Bergs has been a very loyal player to our club. Also to Orry Cross and Curtis Harms on 50 games. Nice to get  a win for the lads. 


Thanks, Quinny. 

B Grade

PHOS Camden   2.4-16    8.6-54   17.9-111    23.13-151

Portland              3.1-19    4.1-25      4.2-26        4.3-27


Goal Kickers: S. Brozel 6, J. Resnais 3, M. Parslow 2, N. Iordanou 2, L. McDonald 2, J. Cadzow 2, N. Watts, B. Toohey, S. McGill, A. Simpson, A. Flett, S. Webster
Best Players: L. McDonald, N. Watts, D. Parkins, S. Webster, S. Brozel


Goal Kickers: T. Milera 4
Best Players: D. Milera, B. Mackay, F. Varcoe, T. Milera

Craigs B grade Match Report

A good win for the B Grade boys on the weekend against a Portland side that jumped us early.


Once the players switched on and started playing team footy we wrestled back control of the match, hitting our targets and making the most of every opportunity in our forward half including a 9 goal third quarter.

We had a lot of goal kickers last Saturday including Simon Brozel who made the best players with 6, Jake Resnais with 3, Lachlan McDonald, Nick “Eo” Iordanou and James Cadzow with 2 each and plenty of guys with singles.

Lachlan McDonald was best on ground from his wing working hard and giving us a good target around the ground while Nick Watts in his first B Grade game for our club, settled in quickly and had a good game on the ball and has definitely made a good impression on his teammates. Dave Parkins had his best game for the year in the ruck giving us first use of the ball all game and working hard around the ground and Sam Webster kept up his good form on the other wing.


With such a good win there were a few players unlucky to miss out on best players so special mentions go to our Captain, Andy Simpson for his work on the ball and Jake Grosser giving us plenty of run from his half back flank.

Well done to Simon and the A Grade, a gutsy win and well deserved for all the hard work.

We now get a week off and prepare to tackle SHOC, should be a big one in two weeks!!




Craig B.



PHOS Camden        3.5-23    7.12-54     10.14-74    15.16-106

Rosewater               2.2-14      2.3-15       3.4-22          4.4-28


Goal Kickers: J. Rau 3, D. Grant 3, S. Davis 2, J. Bayliss 2, L. Mensforth, N. Bryce, B. Cheung, S. Brown, W. Price
Best Players: S. Davis, S. Brown, J. Porter, T. Unger, D. Grant


Goal Kickers: A. Matthews 2, B. Honson, Z. Honson
Best Players: N. Wilton, P. Hillard, K. Cawte, Z. Honson, A. Matthews

Darrens u/18 Match Report

Good to get back on the winning list again all be it against the bottom side and jumping a game clear in 4th position

I thought most players did enough to get the win without putting to much pressure on them selves but there were some very positive signs from players which needed to take the next step in there football.

Sam Davis put in a solid performance running out of the centre backed up by big Tommy Unger in the Ruck. Jack Porter and Hugh Macphee put on a show this week which was very pleasing. Good the have Soli Brown and Jayden beattie back getting plenty of the ball and Will Price with another solid game. The big guns never let us down with Grant, Bayliss, Bonnici, Dunkin and Resnais doing there jobs keeping the score board ticking along and stopping the opporsition scoring.

Rau entertained with his manditry 3 sausage rolls and great that Byce and Cheung were able to chip in with a couple.
With the team thrown around a bit Mensforth Kohn Havey and Martin adjusted and played there rolls well.

Great to have some new blood in the side and Jacko Tilley will only get better as he gets fitter and understands the game a bit more so well done.

SMOSH in two weeks time so enjoy the break and get fired up with 6 games to go...

Portland info


Known as "The Thunder", In 1997 Riverside Football Club, Ethelton Football Club and Alberton United Football Club amalgamated into Portland Football Club.

Relegated in 2015 from Div 1, finished 10th last year with 2 wins & 16 losses.


Currenty 9th on the ladder with 2 wins (SMOSH & a good win over SPOC) & five losses (SHOC, Modbury, Scotch, Old Iggies & Broadview)



Quinny pregame


Clearly this is a must win game for both sides Saturday. No doubt Portland will bring a physical, hard working game style to PHOS and they will be greeted with one. Really happy with the sort of footy the lads have produced over the past two games and although last Saturday saw us go down narrowly to Old Ignatians there were more positives out of the game.


We lose Jarrad Braley to a hammy unfortunately as Boof has been having a solid year and is the "General" out there. He will be missed. Josh Green who played his best game last week goes out due to illness and Mike Papatolis and Glen Soper have injuries that will require a couple of weeks rest. Both players tried their best to be right.


Coming in are the skipper Aaron Bergsma, Brent Eddy returns after really good twos form and Tom Finn returns from illness. We welcome Graham Hampton for his first game of A grade this week.


All the best to Craig and the u/18's, the twos and Popey and the C's.


Need a 3 wins again on Saturday, always makes for a good night.


Thanks, Quinny.


Craig pregame

This week we face Portland who will be keen to get their first win of the season, so we must be prepared for anything.


The B grade is certainly smarting from last week’s result and the boys are keen to make up for it. A few injuries this week means we’ve had to shuffle a few boys around including Dale Marriott coming in for his first B Grade game this year and Nick Watts playing his first B Grade game for the club. Wattsy and Dale have been consistent contributors with Popey this year and both are keen and ready to go.

Minimising our turnovers, helping our teammates and playing the game on our terms are the keys to getting the win and I know the boys are prepared to get amongst it this week.

Good luck to the A’s who are playing good footy and will get it done this week and Under 18’s who will bounce back.






Darrens u/18 Pregame

Time: 2pm for 3pm Start

Currently sitting 4th half way through the season ...
Playing the bottom side and can't take it lightly as we need to consolidate and build up for the finals

I know a couple are working but need to know numbers for this weekend

Let me know once you read this Post your availability

Fire Up Phantoms


2015 Round  8   'A'  grade   results


This weeks senior games

 Round 8

Home game vs Old Ignatians

Time for Redemption

7th Game 2015


Old Ignatians

Sat May 30th

Camden Oval Oval


Round 8 last year was our 1st win



PHOS Camden       3.1-19     4.4-28     6.7-43    10.11-71

Old Ignatians          3.2-20     4.3-27     6.9-45      7.11-53



Goal Kickers: D. Gamble 3, S. Williams 3, H. Gordon 2, L. May , N. Ramsey 
Best Players: , O. Cross , N. Ramsey , B. Van Gils , S. Williams , T. Clarke



Goal Kickers: J. Pedler 2, J. Gallagher , S. Fulton , T. Kolesnik , G. Turner , J. Harrison 
Best Players: , P. Connelly , A. Crowley , L. Comazzetto , A. Murdoch , J. Gallagher


Quinnys Postgame


Saturday we went head to head with the deserved equal second best team in the comp and the game see sawed early accordingly. I thought we had opportunities to forge ahead but some clumsy frees and some small decision errors cost us! I suppose that's the frustrating part is leaving teams in the game. But when a free kick count is 10/1 against at quarter time and scores are level and our turnover rate is 10 plus, the facts are there that we helped sores be close. 


In saying that we remained strong, copped the quarter time spray on the chin, improved and played much better footy in the second half with a top class effort in the last quarter to put them away! Really good to lift and beat a good side! 


It's a funny comp with teams at either end of the spectrum and it is hard to gauge form sometimes. We just keep trying to improve. We as a group are building a game plan and style that will serve us well! We can't be one dimensional, it's hard work but I believe it will hold us in good stead. 


Goal kickers Satdy were Gambo with 3 in a solid game, Steve Williams with 3 in a top class game, Gordo with 2 in a very good back up game to last week and Rama and Maysie with 1 each. 


Our best were Orrs in the ruck, his ground work and strong commanding marking was great for the team complimented by Hotdogs up forward as our forward ruck man with a terrific game. Well done lads. Rama was superb and gave us great grunt in the middle when we needed it on a damp day. Our backline was great again with Brent Van Gils having a standout! They are building a good unit back there with players coming and going through the back six. All contributed and Boofs return was great! Tom Clarke came straight back to A grade footy after a hammy and picked up where he left off! Brave and steady and made it look dry at times. Kris Evans tough and hard all day. Best thing, everyone contributed! 


Now with a week off, we get some work into us, the lads attitude has been great! Our standards of what we want are high so therefore there are no sympathetic ears! Some decisions seem tough re selection; I assure you that that will continue! We won’t lose sight of the fact we are hardening a playing group and club! 


Congrats to Craig and the 2's, what a game to watch! My 2's highlight in 18 months! Your work rate and intensity was first class! Bad luck to Popies  C's. 


I'll make mention of Wil Papatolis! Wil loves his footy and his club! He went back to the 2's with a plan and did exactly what was asked! His desire to be better, his work rate has never been questioned and I think his terrific attitude certainly impacted on the 2's. Well done. 


We come back to Plympton, apparently it's a grudge match by some of their pre season chat! I like grudge matches as I don't like any team we play on game day! We respect all teams but we'll see if they back up what got back to me from them! 


I try not give much away to other teams and I hope they read this because our mindset will be! We are hunting them! 


Thanks, Quinny. 


Quinnys Pregame


Tomorrow we host Old Ignatians in what should be a very good game. Very important for both teams to try to put some distance between each other. 


For us, we are striving to find our best. We are doing a lot right! There is more to do better and we never stop trying to improve and stretch ourselves. Our structures and indicators let us know where we are at and last week there were good signs. 


We lose Daniel Hill with an arm injury. Hilly has been great for us this year with his smarts, team footy and pressure. He'll be back after the week off. Wil Papatolis goes back to the two's for some footy! Wil wants to play A's more than anyone, trains hard and tries his best.  A full game against a quality side will serve Wil well. 


Coming in from injury are Tom Clarke and Jared Braley. Two very important players to the side for their toughness and leadership! Well done on the rehabs! 


We have a host of players playing great footy in the club in the B's and C's. It's great for the club and although frustrating for the player wanting to play higher it builds strong ruthless football character! No apologies for that!


See you Saturday. Quinny. 


Web Pregame


Good win last week against Mitcham, this week will be alot harder.


Round 8: we come up against the Old Ignatians (old scholars of St. Ignatius College).


The 2014 Iggies team finished in 5th position with 10 wins 8 losses, they went out in the 1st week of the finals going down to Pembroke in the Elim final.


This year the team is in 3rd position with 5 wins and 1 loss to Athelstone (56 points), identical to us but with a inferior percentage.



(Ins): Tom Clarke and Jared Braley

(Outs) : Daniel Hill and Wil Papatolis


Old Iggies B's are flying in top position undefeated, they won the D3R GF last year so our Bs will need to be at their best.


The C's take on Kennilworth at St Marys @ 10:15am..the Kookaburra's are in 5th position with 4 wins 3 losses, so we expect another demolition job by Popeys boys who are flying undefeated top of the ladder and see them back at the Jungle later in the day to watch the As.


Go Phantoms


PHOS CAMDEN B grade results


PHOS Camden     5.1-31     7.3-45     9.4-58        10.6-66

Old Ignatians        1.1-7         1.3-9     4.5-29         4.5-29




Goal Kickers: W. Papatolis 3, M. Papatolis 2, M. Bate 2, J. Marton 2, P. Hamden
Best Players: , W. Papatolis , J. Marton , M. Molnar , M. Papatolis , B. Toohey , A. Scholz



Goal Kickers: J. Cini 2, B. Crowley , P. Pirone 
Best Players: , A. Collins , J. Centenera , H. Einarson , A. Gardner , L. Kerins


Craigs B Grade Postgame


With a big build up all week at training, our B grade players knew that they had to be focussed and prepared to play the ultimate team game against the top side in Old Ignatians. After letting the opposition kick the first goal, our lads kicked into gear scoring the next five while executing a team tackling game second to none.


Our back six worked overtime in the second quarter keeping them to two points while we added  another couple of goals to take our lead to six goals going in at half time.


We knew that they would come out keen to get back in the game in the third quarter as our side had put them in a space that they wouldn’t have been too familiar with all year and to our guys credit they held off an early onslaught and were able to go in at 3 quarter time with a  commanding lead.


Our final quarter was a result of our midfield and defence working overtime to keep the opposition scoreless and really grind them down to take the win.


Our tackling and team defence against a quality opponent were the highlights last Saturday, there wasn’t a time all game where an opposition player didn’t have pressure on them which in turn caused turnovers and created opportunities for our lads.

Every single player played their part for the team, none more so than Wil Papatolis who brought his own footy in his best on ground performance which was made even more impressive as he was being tagged for two and a half quarters and still kicked 3 goals! Josh Marton made his presence felt around the ground with his tackling pressure and blocking for his teammates while Mitch Molnar and Adam Scholz played well in the midfield and Mike Papatolis showed his value up forward by being a target and kicking 2 goals. Our back six were solid again including Tom “TJ” Finn, James Cadzow and Brent Eddy all having great games, beating their direct opponent and creating run from behind while our co-captains, Andy Simpson and Jono “Kouta” Koutsikas showed great leadership with their voice and direction on the field.


This was a very pleasing win and the best one I have been involved in while coaching at PHOS but we must keep our foot down. We have now raised the bar and set a standard that must be expected every week for the rest of this season, we’ve proven we can do it, now we must be consistent with it!


Well done to the A grade on a hard fought win and commiserations to the C’s last weekend but I know you’ll bounce back next game.


Craigs B Grade Pregame


This Saturday’s game against an undefeated Old Ignatians gives us a great opportunity to beat last year’s premiers and keep our season on track leading into the bye week.


With spots extremely tight at the top of the ladder we need to keep our winning momentum going to stay in touch with the top 2 and what better way to do it than coming away with the win against the top side!


Hard work and a team mindset is our focus this week as these are the attributes that you need to beat a side like this while applying constant, relentless pressure all game, forcing turnovers and rewarding your mates.


After losing Sam McGill and Tim Christie-Ling to injury we get some welcome additions into our side this week including Wil Papatolis having a run back from the A’s who will be keen to stamp his mark on the game in the midfield and Adam Scholz gets an opportunity to push for A grade selection in his first game back since round 1.


It’s going to be a tough game for us but we welcome the challenge and I know that we can come away with the win providing we are disciplined, work hard for each other for four quarters and stick to our team game.


Good luck to the A’s and C’s this week in important games for each team.



C grade results


Kenilworth            4.1-25     6.1-37     8.4-52      9.5-59

PHOS Camden     0.1-1       2.5-17     2.6-18      5.7-37




Goal Kickers: M. Gilmour 4, J. Molenaar 3, A. Zafry , D. Shanahan 
Best Players: , A. Calder , J. Rhodes , D. Shanahan , M. Gilmour , D. Baer



Goal Kickers: D. James , D. Kreig , J. Whitford , M. Polkinghorne , B. Carracher 
Best Players: , B. Carracher , S. Taylor , S. Bates , H. Flentje , S. Leatch

Teddy (away jumper) in action last week against Mitcham

A grade ladder after rd 8

B grade ladder after rd 8

Round 8 A Squad

2:15pm Camden Oval (Jungle)


24 R. Bartlett

20 A. Bergsma

27 J. Braley

8 T. Clarke

50 O. Cross

4 K. Evans

15 D. Gamble

32 H. Gordon

18 S. Inglis

9 M. Jacquier

7 L. May

38 T. Quinn

3 N. Ramsey

5 R. Reavley

37 T. Shaw

21 A. Smyth

19 G. Soper

34 B. Van Gils

2 H. Walters

11 S. Williams

12 S. Williams

14 H. Young

Round 8 B Squad

12:15pm Camden Oval (Jungle)


51 M. Bate

46 J. Cadzow

28 B. Cameron

40 B. Eddy

1 T. Finn

41 A. Flett

10 P. Hamden

31 J. Koutsikas

45 J. Marton

33 L. McDonald

35 M. Molnar

44 R. Morgan

16 M. Papatolis

26 W. Papatolis

42 D. Parkins

30 J. Resnais

23 A. Scholz

43 A. Simpson

22 B. Toohey

48 T. White

6 S. Willcocks

14 H. Young

Round 7 C Squad

10:15pm St Marys (Panther Park)


S. Bates

9 C. Bensch

26 J. Butler

6 B. Carracher

17 L. Dawson

23 H. Flentje

T. Garnaut

27 D. Georgeson

2 L. Gerschwitz

21 C. Gilby

16 C. Harms

13 D. James

12 D. Kreig

N. Krieg

28 S. Leatch

24 M. Polkinghorne

20 A. Robb

19 T. Sekay

S. Sheridan

4 O. Stagg

15 L. Steyn

10 S. Taylor

22 B. Toohey

3 J. Whitford

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